Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management Clinic

At Signature Healthcare, we’ve assembled a team of pain management experts to help relieve your discomfort and cope with the effects of chronic pain conditions.

If you suffer acute or chronic pain and have not responded to conventional therapies, we have the experience and expertise to diagnose and treat your pain. We offer compassionate, comprehensive and leading edge treatments for chronic and complex pain. Our goal is for you to return to a fuller, more active lifestyle without the use of medications.

Your provider can arrange for a consultation with one of our specialists. Please speak with your Primary Care Provider for pain medication management options.*

Interventional Pain Management

The Interventional Pain Management Clinic is dedicated to providing the best level of pain relief that may be safely administered. These services need a physician referral order and in some cases insurance approval from your doctor to refer you to the clinic.

Interventional Pain Management Clinic does not prescribe long-term opioids for pain management.

Call the Interventional Pain Management Clinic at 508-941-7305 for further information.