Wound Care

Signature Healthcare Wound Care Clinic

The Wound Care Clinic at Signature Healthcare specializes in treating chronic, non-healing wounds. If you have an open wound that you feel isn’t healing or is discolored, contact your primary care doctor and ask to be seen at the Wound Care Center. Early evaluation leads to the best results.

Our Wound Team includes Vascular, Podiatry, and General Surgery providers. Certified wound care nurses will study the wound, assess the barriers to healing, and then implement an individualized treatment plan.

A chronic, non-healing wound does not heal, or at least improve significantly, within four weeks. Current statistics conclude that nearly 5 million Americans have chronic, non-healing wounds.

Older woman being bandaged by a medical provider

Those most affected by chronic wounds are individuals with:

Diabetes: Diabetic patients often acquire wounds due to poor circulation in the toes and feet, called diabetic neuropathy, which can cause a lack of feeling in the extremities.

Venous Insufficiency: Caused by venous stasis, a disease that affects the pumping of blood from the legs back to the heart.

Pressure Ulcers: A common side effect of spinal cord injury, arthritis, and other immobilizing disorders.

Arterial Ulcers: A round-shaped wound caused by impaired circulation often seen on the legs or feet.

The Wound Care Clinic offers advanced wound care products, services, and technologies that include:
  • Wound debridement
  • Complex dressings
  • Unna boots
  • Skin grafts
  • Wound V.A.C. therapy
  • IV antibiotics and laboratory services

Call 1-855-60-WOUND (1-855-609-6863) for further information.