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Welcome to Professional Careers at Signature Healthcare

The Professional Services departments play an essential role in our organization, contributing expertise to support our mission of providing exceptional patient care. These departments are an integral part of our compassionate and devoted team, reflecting the essence of our organization. Join Signature Healthcare’s Professional Services departments in contributing to the future of healthcare delivery. Our employees find purpose by serving the people in our community. We prioritize your professional development and well-being, offering opportunities for growth and a supportive work environment.

Meet Our Staff:

Donna McCann
Donna McCann Service Line Director

My biggest advice is to be patient-centric since they’re the center of our care and who we are. Be the best that you are, and never be afraid of not knowing something.

Donna encourages aspiring healthcare professionals to persevere and advance their careers boldly. She highlights Signature Healthcare's belief in overcoming barriers, aligning with her patient-centric approach of pushing boundaries for optimal care.