Connecting to Internet Services

Connecting to Internet Services

Did you know there are programs that can help you get low-cost or free internet access and devices? Your household may be eligible to receive a monthly discount on a new or existing phone or internet service plan with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline federal benefit.

See if Your Household Qualifies

If you qualify, you will have 90 days to choose a phone or internet provider and sign up for service. You can also ask your current company to apply your ACP and Lifeline benefits to a service you are already getting.

Participating Local Carriers

These benefits can be combined with other state and local benefits where available.

They can also be applied to the same qualifying service or separately to a Lifeline service and an Affordable Connectivity Program service with the same or different providers.

For example, an eligible household could have a Lifeline-supported mobile phone service and a separate home internet service supported through the Affordable Connectivity Program.

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