PRESS & MEDIA RELEASE, FEBRUARY 7, 2024: Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Targets Late Spring to Reopen

PRESS & MEDIA RELEASE, FEBRUARY 7, 2024: Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Targets Late Spring to Reopen

On the one-year anniversary of a devastating 10-alarm electrical fire that shut down Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital, hospital officials announced they expect to safely reopen late Spring.

“Every day since the fire, one of our three paramount goals has been to safely reopen as soon as possible,” explained Robert Haffey, Signature’s President and CEO. “Our construction partners and local, state, and federal officials share this goal and have been tireless in pursuing it. Now, we have entered the final phases of work to continue renovating the damaged electrical and other infrastructure and are announcing this spring, Brockton Hospital will welcome back its valued staff, patients, and the community.”

The Feb. 7, 2023, fire began in an electrical equipment room. Fighting the fire meant shutting off both utility power and emergency generators. That decision required the shutdown of computer systems, elevators, phones, medical devices, and lights. As a result, emergency personnel, working closely with the hospital’s doctors, nurses and all staff, evacuated and transported 162 patients, all without injury to patients, staff, or emergency personnel.

“When I think back to a year ago,” Haffey said. “I am still in awe of the dedication of our staff and emergency personnel and how they cared for our patients on that unfortunate day. Together, we safely evacuated 162 patients, some critically ill, without overhead lighting, medical records, or elevators.”

According to Brian Backoff, Director of Facilities and Engineering, the fire destroyed much of the hospital’s electrical wiring. “An electrical fire of that magnitude meant that we have to rewire the entire 250,000-square-foot hospital,” Backoff said. “Wiring a hospital is a monumental task even for new construction. Retrofitting a hospital with new wiring and electrical and other infrastructure is even more challenging.”

Backoff said that supply chain shortages presented challenges in the early days. “A year ago, manufacturers were still backlogged because of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he explained. “That slowed things down early on, but our legislators, regulators, suppliers and contractors worked some supply-chain magic and got us back on track. We have everything we need, now, to finish this project and reopen our doors this spring”


The previously planned remodeling and renovations are being done more quickly than anticipated taking advantage of the closure. Haffey said the renovated hospital will be safer, more welcoming, and most importantly, more patient-centric. “Our Emergency Department will be completely renovated and will have a new 12 unit behavioral health triage unit, which will help provide better and more private care for behavioral health patients away from the hustle and bustle of the regular emergency department,” he said.

The hospital will have a new Outpatient Surgical Center, designed to be more convenient and accessible for same-day surgical patients, allowing patients easier access to care and providing patients the ability to recover in the comfort of their own homes. The renovation also extends to the hospital’s main lobby, which will offer a more comforting, welcoming environment designed for patients, families, and visitors.

Haffey said the three urgent care centers, including the newest location in East Bridgewater will remain open even after the hospital returns to full function. “Compass Medical Group’s bankruptcy created additional stress on primary care in our region,” he explained. “We have increased access through our urgent care centers and by reopening the East Bridgewater medical offices including 7 Primary Care Providers, Specialty and Support care, which is crucial to the health of our communities.”

In addition, a newly installed 1.5-megawatt solar array will offset daily electrical power use and provide emergency power all while offsetting the hospital’s carbon footprint.

“Signature Healthcare is committed to caring for the greater Brockton region, including all of Plymouth County,” Haffey explained. “We were founded 125 years ago for this very reason. It’s why we exist. Like the people of Brockton and Southeastern Massachusetts, Signature Healthcare is resilient. We will come back stronger and better. I am looking forward to opening the doors to the renovated Brockton Hospital this spring and welcoming back our valued staff, patients, and most of all the people of the communities we care for.”

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