Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

At Signature Healthcare, we are transforming how healthcare is delivered by providing integrated care to our patients. We bring together hospitals, healthcare providers, and community medical offices to create a seamless patient experience. This approach improves the quality of care, reduces costs, and makes it easier for patients to get the care they need.

Signature Healthcare's Mission Statement

The Mission of Signature Healthcare is to be the leading community based healthcare delivery system in Southeastern Massachusetts providing the full range of primary care, specialty care, hospital care and related ancillary services on a coordinated basis. Signature Healthcare physicians and Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital strive to be recognized as the "providers of choice" by staff, patients, and the community. Signature Healthcare will operate within the following principles:

  • Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital and its affiliated physicians will deliver care in an integrated and coordinated manner and will be known for its excellence--both from a human and medical perspective.
  • Signature Healthcare is dedicated to providing equitable access to high-quality healthcare. We recognize the diversity of our patients and the community we serve, including their race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation and ability. We commit to respecting their social, cultural, linguistic and other individual needs.
  • Signature Healthcare will deliver medically necessary services to all in need regardless of status or ability to pay.
  • Signature Healthcare is committed to exceeding recognized external standards and benchmarks related to high quality of care, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction and making its results publicly available to organizations actively working towards improving quality and safety of health care.
  • Signature Healthcare will take an active leadership role in improving the health care needs of Southeastern Massachusetts: through a community partnership and collaboration with other services providers and community members to offer a broad range of preventive health education, health services, and other activities.
  • Signature Healthcare will develop new services/programs and participate in alternative delivery/regional healthcare systems to respond to the community need and enhance access to health care.
  • Signature Healthcare will participate in the education of new health care professionals for the purpose of enhancing the system’s access to health care expertise and assuring the most up-to-date approaches for providing health care.
  • Signature Healthcare’s controlled affiliates will be equitable and inclusive employers that value and recognize excellence in their employees.
  • Signature Healthcare will ethically manage its financial matters to make it cost effective and fiscally sound.
  • Signature Healthcare will commit to an electronic medical record environment aimed at (i) eliminating medical errors by making available more accurate and timely information to providers, (ii) enhancing physician productivity and job satisfaction, and (iii) responding to consumer requests for electronic communication.

Signature Healthcare's Vision

To Provide Safe, Quality Care with Compassion…That’s our Signature