Community Benefits

Group of Community Workers

Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital's Community Benefits mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost healthcare to all individuals in Brockton and surrounding communities. We continually evaluate and research the healthcare needs of the patients in our community. In order to improve an individual’s health, we consider the whole person. Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital is also committed to collaborating with our community partners who can aid in our mission to identify and meet the healthcare needs of our community.

Each year the Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital Board of Trustees reviews and considers the health needs and goals for impacting community health. Progress is monitored monthly and a formal presentation of progress is offered to the Board of Trustees by the CEO annually.

Developing our annual community benefits plan is a process based on analysis of the many health care needs facing those who live in southeastern Massachusetts. Input is gathered from diverse sources including the Department of Public Health Status Indicators, internal utilization reports, public schools, church groups and the Community Health Network Area (CHNA).

From this work comes a community benefits plan with a comprehensive picture of service and needs in the Brockton area. This data is collected by various organizations in the community including Signature Healthcare.