Refunds & Vouchers

BHSON Refunds & Vouchers

What is a Refund?

A refund is a general overpayment to a student’s account as a result of financial aid, scholarships, or other payments.

All charges and fees MUST be paid in full before a student is eligible for a refund.

When a student’s account is overpaid, a credit balance appears as a number in parentheses – ($XX.XX) will be listed as the amount due on the tuition statement.

All anticipated funding must be received by the school before any refund checks will be processed. An email will be sent to the student notifying them that the refund is posted to their account and the check will be mailed to their address of record. All refunds are made payable to the student or their parent if the refund is the result of a Parent Plus Loan.

Book Vouchers

Book vouchers will be available before the start of each semester. A book voucher allows you to order books from the Fisher College bookstore up to your credit balance instead of paying out of pocket. Your credit balance will be adjusted by the actual amount of your purchase.

Once you confirm your credit balance on your tuition statement, you may request a book voucher by emailing the Bursar’s office at A partially completed form will be emailed to you showing the credit amount available. Follow the directions emailed to you and return the completed book voucher form to Carol Wilcox at

Please note that if you are receiving Stafford Loans, the amount listed on your tuition statement as anticipated financial aid does not reflect the actual amount we will receive from the bank as there is an origination fee charge. This small difference could reduce the amount of your credit, so it is possible that you may receive a residual bill for this fee if your book order is close to your credit balance amount.